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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Allison Munn, J. Robert Spencer, Jeffrey Schecter, Joshua Wade

Director: J. Robert Spencer

Genre: Comedy/Romance

Year: 2010

Rating: NR

Sam and Matt flee their small mid-western town for New York City, where hot girls roam the streets! After months of trying to pick up ladies and failing miserably, they come up with the idea to hold a fake audition to meet chicks. Hilarity ensues when dozens of sexy, talentless, babes show up and compete for a job that doesn t exist. However, when an out of town farm girl shows up for the audition they are instantly smitten. Will these phony auditions come in the way of them finding true love?

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"Farm Girl in New York" is a buddy comedy similar to those from the 80's. The film is about Sam who is an aspiring writer but he just can't seem to get it on track, one day he goes home early to his Fiance only to catch her with not one but two men. Upset and angry Sam calls off the wedding and spends the day with his womanizing, half wit friend, Matt who always seem to have some sort of scheme going. When Matt finds two tickets to NY that Sam was going to use for his honeymoon he talks Sam into using them to go to the big apple for women and lots of partying. But things don't work out the way Matt had planned so after a few months he comes up with another bright idea, hold fake auditions and have women come in and get naked and anything they can get them to do. Sam doesn't like the idea but once the apartment begins to fill up with women Sam begins to think it all just might work until Mary shows up to audition, Sam seen her at a deli their first day in NY and was attracted to her right from the start. The problem is that there is no play so in order to keep Mary around Sam writes one about a Girl from the farm that heads to the big apple to pursue her dreams. As you might expect with these two guys things go from bad to worse and when Mary over hears the two talking about their made up plan she storms out and the production comes to a halt. Before Mary caught on Sam really wanted to tell her but never had the courage now he must find a way to get the play to the stage and win back his true love before he loses her forever. There are other obstacles during the film like a plan to sabotage Mary from one of the other ladies who desperately wants the lead and some others which I won't talk about since I already gave too much of the story away here as it is. The film provides the usual raunchy jokes and mishaps you might expect from a comedy like this but it also is touching as well. The story is well-written and the two main characters are goofy but you can tell they are good guys at heart. the entire cast does a terrific job at playing these often off-the-wall characters. "Farm Girl in New York" is a fun comedy/romance that is often hilarious but always entertaining. First time Director, J. Robert Spencer does a terrific job at keeping the film moving at a fast pace and mixing the comedy with the romance. The three main leads are wonderful including Jeffrey Schecter as Sam, Joshua Wade who is amazingly funny as Matt, he just about steals every scene he is in and Allison Munn as Mary. Allson is as talented as she is sweet and beautiful. All three have great chemistry together which is very important with a comedy such as this. I enjoyed this film much more than I expected and I think it will end up being a big hit on DVD from strong word of mouth when it is released on February 1, 2011.

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The film has something to offer for both men and women so it makes for a good time either by yourself or cuddled up with the one you love. The DVD comes with Special Features that include:

Deleted Scenes

Blooper Reel


I highly recommend this to any and all fans of the genre.

Released by Maverick Entertainment

**** Out Of *****