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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Mimi Rogers, Snoop Dogg, Rachael Leigh Cook, Joseph Cross, Sarah Roemer, Joe Pantoliano, Peter Jason, Ajay Naidu, Annette O'Toole, Gordon Clapp, Michael Panes, Samuel Page, Frankie Shaw

Director: David M. Rosenthal

Genre: Comedy/Drama/Romance

Year: 2009

Rating: NR

When his father is killed in a bizarre sports accident, wrong-side-of-the-tracks Henry O'Shea (Joseph Cross) quits nursing school to earn cash as a doorman at a posh New York apartment building, where he falls for lovely resident Scarlett Dowling (Sarah Roemer). As the pair's relationship progresses, Henry's sister (Rachael Leigh Cook) encourages the romance, but Scarlett's mother has other ideas.

The story is about a young man that is forced to put his dreams of being a nurse on hold after his father dies and find work to help pay the bills at home. The job he gets is that of a doorman at a local apartment building and he soon becomes popular with the tenants and his partner on the night shift, Raul. The one person he doesn't impress is the boss who has a policy of his doormen not becoming too friendly with the guests so when Henry catches the eye of Scarlett who lives in the building with her parents things begin to get a little crazy. The cast is great here, Joseph Cross is perfect as Henry and Sarah Roemer does a great job playing Scarlett a rich but down to earth girl. Joe Pantoliano also is very good as the pain boss that seems to pop up at all the wrong times and Snoop Dog was a real surprise as Raul, I thought he handled his scenes very well and he acting was much better than I expected. The story doesn't offer anything really new or ground-breaking as far as the genre goes but the execution is very good and there is a nice mix of drama and comedy a long the way that makes for some nice entertainment. The story is charming and sweet and the chemistry between the lead actors was terrific and very believable. The story takes turns in providing some sadder as well as happier moments and in the end it leaves you with a smile on your face. Falling Up is a nice little piece of cinema that doesn't have to offend to be funny so if you are looking for something light to watch and you enjoy this sort of film then I recommend picking this up, I certainly had an enjoyable time watching it and think everyone that likes the genre will al well. The DVD comes with "A Look Behind The Scenes" feature as well.

Released by Anchor Bay Home Entertainment.

*** 1/2 Out Of *****