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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Cole Carson, Lauren Bair, Michael J. Prosser, Eric Martin Reid, Brian Julian, Sean McGrath

Director: Thad Smith

Genre: War/Drama

Year: 2010

Rating: NR

Oregon filmmaker Thad Smith and his screenwriter brother, Craig, honor their father's real-life legacy with this independently produced feature about Don Smith's involvement in the famed Battle of the Bulge. Portland native Cole Carson stars as the young Army sergeant, who was wounded while defending the small German town of Nennig from a Nazi offensive and managed to make his way, unarmed, through enemy territory.

Everyman's War is one of the most realistic war films I have seen but there is good reason for that. The film is Based on the real life experience of Don Smith, the director's father. How more realistic of a story can you get from that. As far was war movies go this is is pretty simple, there isn't a plot that involves a lot of thinking but what it does show is what it was like for this man to leave friends and family and face an uncertain future, a story every man and woman that has ever served in the military has had to deal with. If you're human you will have a hard time holding back the tears while watching the horror these men had to go through, I was touched by this film on so many levels. This ain't a "Hollywood" film, in fact it's the complete opposite of anything war related that you have seen in the theater. As far as the production goes this is one film that used all their resources to create a realistic tale, from costume design to the weapons used there is not one flaw and the cast did a terrific job making these soldiers believable and realistic. I can sit here and tell you how great a film this is forever but this is one of those movies that deserves to be seen simply because the way it touches the audience. Different for sure but in a very good way and it manages to be realistic without having to be overly graphic. Over-all because this is something that truly seems like a labor of love and in turn was treated with as much realism as possible while remaining completely different than anything mainstream I would have to say this is a remarkable film that will touch you in so many ways. Even if you normally do like like war related films this one is sure to leave you feeling different. Pick this up today, you will be glad you did.

Released by Virgil Films and Entertainment

***** Out Of *****