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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Al Thompson, Bridget Burke, Breed Wool, Matthew Nicklaw, Rebecca Pappa, Lucy Walters, Logan Lipton, Nina Meijers

Director: John Oliver

Genre: Comedy

Year: 2010

Rating: NR

Marty and LaDon have never had trouble breaking up with a woman -- in fact, they've built a business around their patented "Booty Boot" technique. But when a client's girlfriend refuses to be dumped, they seem to have met their match. As it turns out, dumping Lisa is a lot harder than it looks -- even for a pair of self-proclaimed "experts."

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Marty and LaDon seem to have the perfect business for two single men, "Booty-Boot" in which clients come to them wanting to dump their girlfriends. They pay big money and Marty gets to go out and break the bad news to the unsuspecting women gently and sometimes he even gets a bonus on the side. But when their latest client arrives at the door wanting to dump his girlfriend nothing is ever the same. Lisa isn't your ordinary girl, she looks it but when the guys come up with one plan after another to get rid of her it just backfires, and once they are able to set Jerry free Marty is caught in Lisa's crazy antics. "Dumping Lisa" is an adult comedy that contains sex jokes and strip clubs but at the same time it's a comedy that doesn't go too far, it never becomes offensive in anyway but it sure is hilarious at times. From the opening frames the film wastes no time in going after your funny bone, there is one ridiculous situation after the other as the pair try their hardest to free Jerry from Lisa but nothing seems to work. To go into what happens in the film would only ruin the fun time waiting for those wanting to see the movie but I can tell you there is plenty of laughs along the way. The one thing that sticks out to me is when Jerry first arrives asking for help the guys play him their promotional video, I am not going to give it away but it is hilarious. No actor stood out here in terms of stealing the show, all the main leads did a terrific job and even the supporting cast of odd-ball characters were great. The production values are pretty high here considering the budget the film must of had, the cinematography is great and the colors right from the opening scenes are bright and vivid. The film isn't rated but it is without a doubt an adult comedy even without nudity.

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I was looking for an average comedy here but what I got was much better, Independent cinema continues to amaze me and "Dumping Lisa" is just another example of how good it can be. Breaking up has not been so funny, a straight forward comedy with a simple story, tons of laughs and a terrific cast make this a must-see for all fan's of the genre. You can order "Dumping Lisa" HERE. The DVD comes with Special Features that include:




Released by Osiris Entertainment

**** Out Of *****