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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Antonio Sabato, Jr., Kostas Sommer, John Diehl, Caia Coley, Kelly Curran

Director: Michael Feifer

Genre: Thriller/Drama

Year: 2009

Rating: R

Based on a true story, serial killer Henry Lee Lucas develops a murderous rage young. When he meets Ottis Toole, the psychopaths set out on a helter-skelter killing spree that stumps officials -- all except two Texas Rangers. While the lawmen's hands are tied with procedural red tape, Lucas confesses to hundreds of killings as opportunistic detectives scurry to close out unsolved cases.

People are always fascinated by movies based on real life serial killers and there has been many of them made over the years, Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas is the newest one to be released this week on DVD. The story of this serial killer has been told before in "Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer" and again in the sequel, what makes this one different is this film goes into more detail telling his life story from the beginning as a child. It seems like many peopple that grow up becoming complete monsters have had some sort of trauma in their live at an early age and for Henry it was no different, his mom would beat him very badly and I would guess this had an effect on him later in life. As he got older he wasn't about to take his mother's abuse anymore and one day he ended up killing her as well. The story is told through the eyes of Henry as he confesses to authorities so there is a lot of jumping around so best that you pay attention or you might get lost. What I liked about the film over-all was the detail it gave on his life from a child to an adult drifter around the country on his murderous rampage. As a fan and supporter of Independent film I have always been a liked Antonio Sabato Jr., known more for his action films I was really impressed with his acting here and thought he really gave you a feel for just how sick Henry really was. As far as these kind of movies go I thought this was one of the better ones in both the acting department and the story which gave you a complete picture of this man. I suppose no one really knows what makes people turn into murderers but Drifter certainly gives early clues that this man might have problems even as a child. The film is slow moving but captivating, as well as being pretty entertaining considering the subject matter isn't one that will leave you with a smile on your face. If you enjoy serial killer flicks then I highly recommend picking this one up, you should enjoy this one as much as I did. Filmed on a limited budget it more than makes up for it with an engrossing story and solid acting. Released by Lions Gate Home Entertainment. *** 1/2 Out Of *****