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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: ,Steffany Huckaby, Eddie Jones, Holmes Osborne, Michael Muhney, Amanda Troop

Director: Robin Christian

Genre: Thriller

Year: 2010

Rating: NR

A distraught college student finds a phone that enables her to talk to her deceased mother in the past. Instead of a heart attack, she learns that her mother was murdered. She tries to use the phone to stop the murder from occuring before the killer finds and kills her too.

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Since I really liked the film "Frequency" a lot I wasn't sure what to expect from "Disconnect" since both films are similar but it only took a short time before I knew I was in for a real treat here as well. The film focuses on Haley, a young woman who is grieving over her mother's sudden death, to make matters worse her mom and her had a disagreement over Haley wanting to move in with her boyfriend so there was a sense of guilt as well. Three months past and Haley is going through her mom's belongings when she finds an old telephone her mom owned, she use to let Haley play with it as a kid and she use to pretend to talk to people from another time. In the meantime Haley is a bit suspicious of her mom's death so she goes to get an autopsy report but after reading it she begins to think that things were covered up, like the report never mentions the bruises her mom had and the fact that she is being told there were drugs and alcohol in her mom's system just makes her more suspicious. One night while going through some of her mom's stuff she begins to play with the old phone and she finds out she can call into the past with it and talk to real people. After awhile she decides to try and call her mom and perhaps set things straight but each time she does or has her boyfriend in the past try and change things the worse things become. "Disconnect" isn't filled with endless action scenes or explosions, instead it tells the story a little at a time, slowly drawing you in while adding twist after twist to keep you at the edge of your seat and guessing what is going on and where the film is going and how it might end. As far as the story goes I am not going to give any more details away so not to ruin it for those that might be interested because the film is one that needs to be seen and not told about. Like I mentioned before the film takes it's time building on the mystery and suspense and if you are sitting back in your seat at the start you will be at the edge as the film moves along. Writer/Director, Robin Christian does a brilliant job at telling the story in every detail while keeping it moving at a nice, deliberate pace, this is one filmmaker to keep an eye out for. He not only has an eye for creating great suspense but he is a great story teller as well. Mr. Christian is also a finisher, I have seen many movies that were good till the ending ruined it all, but not here, the ending here is as perfect as it is thrilling.

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The cast did a terrific job playing their roles in a natural and believable way, Steffany Huckaby as Haley and Amanda Troop as her best friend, Cathy are amazing together but the entire cast did a great job. The production values are stellar for an Independent film and the musical score was perfect, adding just the right amount of atmosphere for each and every scene. Osiris Entertainment has released some real gems in the past and I am happy to report with "Disconnect" their streak continues. You will be taken in by each and every scene and it will have you hungry for more and just when you think you have it all figured out another twist will come along to throw you off course, a captivating story that grabs your attention from it's first scene and doesn't let you go till the very end. If you like a good thriller than I highly recommend picking this up when it comes to DVD on February 15th 2011. The DVD will come with the Special Features:

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"Disconnect" won Best Feature Film and Best Musical Score Awards at the Accolade Awards and rightly so.

You can keep an eye out for when the DVD becomes available for Pre-order HERE.

Released by Osiris Entertainment

***** Out Of *****