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Cast: Michael Vartan, Ron White, Sean Astin, David Cross, Cleo King, Robert Klein, Sara Foster, Constance Zimmer

Director: J.B. Rogers

Genre: Comedy

Rating: R

Rodney (Michael Vartan of Columbiana and “Alias”) and Mike (Sean Astin of The Lord of the Rings) are a pair of irresponsible, hard-partying corporate tire salesmen. But when their beloved boss dies after a wild night at a strip club, the dweeb colleague (David Cross of “Arrested Development”) they’ve been tormenting for years gets promoted to the top position. And for his first order of business, he’ll demote Rodney and Mike to the female secretarial pool.

Can two chauvinist pranksters now find a way to become ‘one of the girls’ as well as sensitive guys, all while plotting the ultimate revenge against a nerd-turned-tyrant?

Mike and Rodney are the best salesmen and Treadstone tire, and they know it. The two take being rude to people as part of the job bu when their boss dies things take a drastic turn for the both of them. When Ken Castro, who has been receiving most of their abuse, takes over he immediately demotes them to secretaries. The two finally realize their bad ways and look to straighten out before it is too late.

There's not much of a story or character development here but it's what you would expect from the team behind the "American Pie" series. The film is a cross between "9 TO 5" and "Office Space" so of you liked either of those two or both then you are going to have a fun time with this film as well. It's a completely silly film with over the top performances and situations that will have you laughing loud and often.

The entire cast did a great job but the three main actors, David Cross, Sean Astin and Michael Vartan really sell the film with their comedic performances. Also I must mention Robert Klein who is terrific in his small role as their boss who dies after a night of partying with the boys.

"Demoted" isn't a great film but it's really not meant to be anything more than a fun comedy that doesn't ask much from it's audience. This is the kind of film we have all seen before so don't go into it expecting to see something original here because you will be disappointed, instead just sit back with your favorite snacks and drinks and go for the ride. If you do that you are going to find that this is a very funny and entertaining movie that is sure to leave a smile on your face. "Demoted" has a wonderful cast and Director, J. B. Rogers really has a great sense of humor and wonderful direction. He keeps the film moving at a fast pace and he also keeps the laughs coming. I look forward to seeing what he comes up with next.

Released by Anchor Bay Entertainment

*** 1/2 Out Of *****