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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Sewell Whitney, Alicia Petrides, Kristin Pfeifer, Ryan Ramos

Director: George Scileppi

Genre: Horror

Year: 2008

Rating: NR

Everyone working behind the scenes knows that Madame Camille (Alicia Petrides) is only pretending to be psychic on her TV show -- until one night when the phony medium manages to open a real portal to the spirit world in this supernatural horror flick. Camille is shocked to discover that she may be communicating with an actual ghost, and so is the show's special guest star, who may be harboring a terrible secret.

This is a very entertaining Independent supernatural horror flick. The film starts off slow and remains that way for a good 30 minutes but still it never gets boring as it sets up the story and introduces us to the characters. After that it begins to pick up when the ghosts begin passing through the open portal. There are several ghosts that come into our world which you have know idea why but there is one that returns for a reason and you never find that out till close to the end of the film which makes it very suspenseful. You have all the makings for an enjoyable horror flick here including, seances, possession, and a lots of blood splatter but what makes this one different than most others like it is the story, it is cleaver and very well-written. The ending certainly separates the film from being just another average to below average "B" horror film. The lighting,effects and sets certainly helped in creating just the right mood and the cast did a great job playing their roles and making them believable. It's not often that you come across a horror flick that is even remotely original and I think Death's Door provides that, if you are looking for something different from the normal mainstream horror films that have been coming out then I suggest giving this one a shot. If you can hang in there past the first half hour or so you will be rewarded with a nice treat in the end which is why I am giving it such a high review. I look forward to seeing future work from these talented film-makers.

Released by Signa Home Entertainment

**** Out Of *****