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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Will Cummings III, Leena Kurishingal

Director: Bennie Woodell

Genre: Action

Year: 2011

Rating: NR

December's innocence was stolen from her in an instant when she witnessed the brutal murder of her family at a young age. After years of attempting to leave the tragedy behind, a violent assault brings her face to face with the demons that have haunted her for years. Something triggers deep within December's psyche, an internal switch that fuels her to become a carefully trained, highly-skilled assassin, a vigilante by night and a police investigator by day. She longs not for friends or relationships, instead she lives solely to inflict vengeance for the death of her family. When a weapon surfaces that may prove to be the last piece to her terrible past, December commits to the bloody road ahead with no turning back.

I reviewed a movie a week ago or so that was advertised as being a revenge film but to my disappointment it wasn't. but I am happy to say that "Death Angel December: Vengeance Kill" delivers on what it promises. This is the story of a little girl who witnesses her mother and brother being murdered, she escapes with her life but the memories haunt her until one day a man decides to force himself upon her. It's at that moment when December decides it's time to seek revenge on those responsible for taking her childhood and her family away from her. December decides to get training to become a deadly assassin, after her training she works at a police station during the day and at night she goes out on the town looking for those that killed her family and while she is at it she cleans the streets of the scum that bring harm to others.

The film suffers a bit due to it's obvious low-budget but it more than makes up for it in other ways. One way is with it's story, right from the start you are drawn into December's world and you follow her the entire time hoping she will get the revenge she seeks so badly. Another is that the film contains a decent amount of gore and blood, but it's only used as part of the story and not for the sake of just being there. The action scenes and some of the acting could of been a bit better but like I said there's enough good things here to over-come the flaws.

Speaking of acting I thought Leena Kurishingal did a terrific job playing our heroin, She's a very talented lady that handled the emotional scenes as well as the action scenes very well plus she is very beautiful, I hope to see more of her in the future. The rest of the acting is a mixed bag but over-all most of the actors did a fine job playing their supporting roles.

Writer/Director, Bennie Woodell did a great job at telling the story while keeping the film moving at a good pace. This is a very ambitious project for being done on such a small budget, you can tell that a lot of heart went into making the film. I would like to see what he can do with a bigger budget at some point. "Death Angel December: Vengeance Kill" is a good little revenge film that has a over-the-top, very satisfying ending that is sure to please all fan's of Indie cinema. A well-done film that was better than I expected it to be and it fits in nicely with other revenge films like it.

You can order the DVD HERE.

Released by Chemical Burn Entertainment

*** Out Of *****