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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: James C. Burns, Scott Peat, Marissa Merrill, Corsica Wilson

Director: Adam Deyoe

Genre: Horror/Drama

Year: 2012

Rating: NR

When a worldwide viral outbreak leads to a plague of zombies scouring the earth for the living, two survivors flee the chaos of America to a remote island, hoping for a chance to start a new life. What they find is unrelenting horror. Beyond the hordes of the flesh-hungry undead, the other people already on the island force the pair into a fight-or-die battle amongst themselves. Armed only with crude weapons, they must descend to savagery and cutthroat tactics just to make it through each day.

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Zombie movies are plentiful nowadays and they're all pretty much the same but "Dead Season" is a bit different in a couple of ways. First off this film actually has a pretty good story, sure it starts off a little slow but once it gets going it really sucks you in. Over-all it's a pretty believable story about survival when there seems to be no safe place to stay and barely anything to eat. It gets you thinking about what you might do if you were in this situation. Secondly, the film actually has a good bit of character development which is something you rarely ever see in a zombie film. All the main characters have a back story to them and you get to know and feel for each one of them in one way or the other which is very important in a film about survival. Those two things are the most obvious that separates this one from the rest.

I can't really say that there's one lead actor here because the film is more an ensemble with many important characters but Scott Peat and Marissa Merrill who play Elvis and Tweeter are the two the film focuses on in the beginning. Both actors give very realistic and believable performances and the rest of the cast were all just as impressive as well. Another bonus here is the production values, the film looks so much better than it's budget would suggest which is a credit to the filmmakers.

You are probably wondering at this time if there's even zombies in the film since I haven't written a word about them up till now. I can tell you that there are zombies, the make-up is very well done and there's plenty of action and good killings a long the way as well.

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So I can finish out this review by saying that "Dead Season" is a nice addition to the zombie genre with a good dose of the gory for everyone that loves it and a nice mix of drama to keep the film interesting and the audience attached. If you like the hit TV show "Walking Dead" then you are going to really enjoy this film. Available on DVD with Special Features that include:

The Making of Dead Season

Deleted Scenes



You can order the DVD HERE.

Released by Image Entertainment

*** 1/2 Out Of *****