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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Slade Hall, Shane Dean, Cavin Gray Schneider, Briana Cessna, Rosalie Michaels, Patricia Askew, Gale Halleburton, Richard Halleburton, Dustin Halleburton, Katrina Mausek

Director: Roze

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Year: 2010

Rating: NR

John (Slade Hall) and his friends Paul (Cavin Gray Schneider) and Julian (Shane Dean) embark on a survivalist excursion -- and psychedelic journey -- in Arizona's Kaibab National Forest. But when their vacation goes horribly awry, they're forced to battle nature -- and each other. The more experienced Julian is angry with John for bringing Paul, a camping novice, but Paul quickly learns how to fend for himself when tragedy strikes.

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"Deadfall Trail" is not only an impressive feature film debut from Director, Roze but the film itself is one of the better Independent films I have seen in some time. The film is not only about three men who must survive a non-forgiving mother nature but it is about the three of them who are also battling their own inner demons as well. Centered around their camping trip, these three must face their inner-demons and each other in a race of minds, sanity, and their lives. An amazing Psychological Thriller that is engaging and spell binding, the film had me from it's opening scene and I couldn't take my eyes off it till the shocking climax. Certainly a different take on the outdoor experience, this is a pure example of how good a film can be made on a limited budget. The cinematography and special effects are incredible and the film is so suspenseful you will be at the edge of your seat the entire time. Basically the cast consists of just the three male leads and actors, Slade Hall, Shane Dean and Cavin Gray Schneider all did a terrific job playing their roles. I suppose if you are the kind of person who only watches films released in wide release you will most likely pass on this but that would be too bad, "Deadfall Trail" is one of those unique gems that only comes along every so often so I highly recommend that you seek this movie out, it is an amazing trip that not only left me wanting more but it had me thinking about it long after it was over as well. A fight for survival about three people stranded in the woods after a horrific accident, strange things begin to happen and each starts to question their own sanity.

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An amazing piece of cinema, I sure hope this is not the last time we see this talented Director's work. The DVD only comes with Trailers but the film itself is worth the price, do yourself a favor and make sure you pick this one up, you are going to be glad you did. You can order the DVD HERE

Released by Midnight Releasing

***** Out Of *****