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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Ken Foree, Christopher Kriesa, Howard M. Lockie, Ulli Lommel, Tory N. Thompson, Nola Roeper, Katie Sordahl, Tamara Whatley

Director: Ulli Lommel

Genre: Thriller

Year: 2010

Rating: R

Horror film favorite Ken Foree stars as rampaging serial killer John Allen Muhammad in this tense action thriller based on the sniper shooting spree in Washington, D.C., during October 2002. Terror reigns as innocent people are shot at random. Some of the murders even occur near the White House, threatening the security of the president. Law enforcement officials race to apprehend the culprit and eventually discover that there are two suspects.

I enjoy a good serial killer film as much as the next guy but when it comes to Ulli Lommel and his low-budget attempts at these they are getting old and at this point you can't tell the difference from this one or his last one. I hope this one will be the last and maybe Ulli can concentrate on getting a little bigger budget and work on some other films that are more interesting. Don't get me wrong I have no problem with low budget films, in fact I review many of them and in most cases would rather watch an Independent film over a big budget one most of the time. DC. Sniper is pretty much the same as we have gotten before from Ulli which isn't very good. There are a few scenes here and there of violence but most of the film is taken up interviewing people and to be honest it just is not that interesting. The only saving grace of the film and the reason it is not a total loss is Ken Foree, he may not be considered a great actor but he is the best in this film and the script seemed a little better this time and I think that is due to Foree being credited as a co-writer here. Working on such a low budget is not easy for any film-maker but that is when you have to write a better story to make for lack of production values and that is were Ulli has failed on many of his movies. I wish I could of given this one a better review but frankly all I got was more of the same mess I have seen over and over from this director. The reason I am even giving it the rating I am is due to Ken Foree and his input in the film both as writer and as an actor otherwise it would be a total waste. If you have seen any other Ulli serial killers movies and liked them then pick this one up otherwise I got to say pass and pick up something a bit more interesting.

Released by North American Motion Pictures. * 1/2 Out Of *****