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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Luis Fernando Pena, Patricio Castillo, Regina Orozco, Rodrigo Ostap

Director: Carlos Enderle

Genre: Dark Comedy

Year: 2010

Rating: NR

Mexican cinema seems to be drawing a larger audience these days due to some really talented men and women working as directors,producers and actors that not only have a lot to off with their talents but with fresh new ideas as well. This is a perfect example, take this and mix in some zany comedy, you have a film about three seperate characters which include, "El Jairo" (Rodrigo Ostap) who is a schizophrenic obsessed with UFOs; Claudia (Regina Orozco)who is a woman addicted to pornography; and Juvenico (Patricio Castillo) is a retired teacher trying to come to grips with the future. The one thing they all share is that they all have an obsession and that all three of their lives will cross paths in the end.

Like many Independent and foreign cinema I would guess that this one might not be for everyone but for those that like films outside the major cinema releases this one is a real treat. To give away more of the plot here would only ruin the experience because this is such a crazy comedy it has to be seen to really appreciate it. This is Director Carlos Enderle's first film and it took him several years to finish the filming it due to money issues but the way the film was made helped in doing so with the three separate stories. This man certainly has tremendous talent and he put together an amazing cast as well. The film is funny,thought-provoking and at times moving. Cronicas Chilangas or Chilanga Chronicles being it's English title was a surprise hit in Mexican cinema and won several awards for Best Film, Best Screenplay and Best Actor for Patrick Castillo. If you are looking for something different or just enjoy a good foreign film then I highly recommend picking up this entertaining piece of cinema on DVD today, you will be glad you did.

Released by Maya Home Entertainment

**** Out Of *****