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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Isla Fisher, Russell Dykstra, Michael Carmen, Nick Giannopoulos, Tony Nikolakopoulos

Director: Nick Giannopoulos

Genre: Comedy

Year: 2003

Rating: R

Hapless would-be entertainer Danny (Nick Giannopoulos) is suckered into joining a lousy music group led by small-time crook Marcus (Russell Dykstra). What Danny doesn't realize is that the band's upcoming gig at a birthday party for a millionaire's son is really a heist. Bungling ensues, though Danny's showbiz dreams get a surprising lift in this endearing Australian crime caper.

Criminal Ways aka..."The Wannabes" is film that was released back in 2003 and it is only now coming out on DVD. There is no doubt this is being released because of Isla Fisher who has gone on to do very well for herself since this co-starring role. The film doesn't offer anything new that you haven't already seen from the genre but it does have some funny moments and it manages to keep you engaged. If you have seen any of Nick Giannopoulos' work before then you know what your getting from him as the lead character that gets sucked into the world of organized crime. The acting over all is average but there are a few nice performances such as Ryan Johnson as Hammer the Eminem "wannabe" and Isla also gives a good performance in a smaller role. The film offers enough light-fun to make it entertaining even if it is a little over the top at times. If you never seen this and are looking for a comedy you don't have to think about too much then I recommend giving this a chance. Certainly not without flaws but the interesting characters and some times very funny writing make this a nice little flick to pass the time with.

Released by Magnolia Pictures

*** Out Of *****