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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Ben Whishaw, Bill Paterson, Pete Postlethwaite, Con O'Neill

Director: Otto Bathurst;Luke Watson

Genre: Crime/Drama/Mini-Series

Year: 2008

Rating: NR

After a night of passion and alcohol, Ben Coulter (Ben Whishaw) discovers that he is suspected of a brutal crime. Unable to remember what occurred, Coulter is sent to prison, where he struggles to survive while waiting for the trial that will decide his fate. Pete Postlethwaite co-stars in this riveting, BAFTA-winning crime drama series that delves into the precarious relationships between the accused, police and lawyers as they all seek justice.

This is a British TV Mini-series that spanned five episodes. Like any other drama that is drama out to create a mini-series the pace can be a bit slow but I thought the story was captivating enough to hold my attention till the very end. The story is simple enough, Ben has a one night stand with a woman but when he awakes he finds her dead, murdered next to him. He does not remember anything so he is sent to prison awaiting a trial to determine his fate. The whole thing that looms over us is did Ben commit the murder or not and if not who did? I am not going to give anymore of that away so not to ruin it here but I got to say this was a solid crime flick from beginning to end. The acting was solid including Con O'Neil as Stone,Bill Paterson as world weary cop Harry Box and David Harewood as the intelligent but very dangerous prisoner Freddie Graham. Also Ben Whishaw was very good as Ben and how can you not love veteran actor,Pete Postlethwaite who co-stars as Ben's cellmate. The film gives us a look into the justice system and what Lawyers are willing to do in order to free their clients, distort evidence, trick witnesses and so on. I recommend this to any fan of crime dramas, this stands out and competes with anything that is playing on U.S. television today. A solid drama with a realistic look at prison life and a story that keeps you guessing till the very end.

Released by BFS Entertainment

**** Out Of *****