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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Devon Sawa, Matthew Lawrence, Kevin Alejandro, Sanoe Lake

Director: Mark Stouffer

Genre: Science-Fiction/Fantasy, Horror

Year: 2010

Rating: R

Hoping to exorcise a recurring nightmare in which a mysterious clawed monster mauls him to death, Andrew (Devon Sawa) and a group of his pals journey into the backcountry for a little extreme-sports therapy. But when a terrifying beast begins attacking the group, Andrew must confront the very creature of his dreams.

This is one of those Independent Sci-fi films that suffers in several ways due to it's low budget but some how you still find it to be enjoyable. When it comes to these kind of low budget films you know or should know going into it what you are in for as far as special effects,acting and overall production goes but I am sure there will be some out there that will find this to be too cheesy to watch but if you enjoy low budget films then I think you will enjoy this one. The story is pretty simple, Andrew is a young man that has nightmares of being attacked by an alien-like creature so one night to escape his nightmares he decides to go with a bunch of friends to do some off-road driving and just have fun for awhile. The only problem with doing so is the the creature in his nightmares is real and it is out to get him and his friends one at a time. The acting is average expect for Devon Sawa who plays Andrew, you will remember Devon from "Final Destination", I am not sure what happened to this young actor but we have seen very little of him since then but he is clearly the best actor here and he gives the film some star-power that it needed. The creature effects for the close-ups were pretty cool but later in the film when you get the see the entire creature walking and running around the film suffers it's low-budget, I can't help but think with a little more cash put into this it could of been a very good film but it does suffer from having low funds. Still with all it's flaws I still found it to be entertaining and the film still some things going for it like some nice gore, not a lot but when it uses the gore it is effective. If you like movies that are shown on the Syfy channel then I think you will enjoy this one too. Just don't take it seriously and sit back and have some laughs(many unintentional, plus there is plenty of action as well so the story never slows down enough to bore the audience. Over-all I found it to be a good way to pass some time, a guilty pleasure for sure but if you like this sort of movie I recommend picking it up.

Released by MTI Home Video

** 1/2 Out Of *****