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Cast: Mary Walsh, Meghan Greeley, Cheryl Wells, Joel Hynes, Kristin Booth, Jane Maggs

Director: Sherry White

Genre: Drama

Year: 2010

Rating: NR

Teenage Mitsy (Meghan Greeley) adopts a stray mutt, hoping to give the dog the loving environment she never had. These efforts are shaken when her alcoholic mom unexpectedly returns home to Newfoundland years after abandoning the girl. Mitsy's controlling grandmother (Mary Walsh) shuns her good-for-nothing daughter, but the teen must decide for herself how to welcome her long-absent parent.

Crackie is an Indie drama about multiple generations of dysfunctional women all of whom can clash heads at any moment. Mitsy is a teenage girl who lives with her overbearing grandmother, the two argue at every turn. When Mitsy finds a stray dog her grandma at first says no but in the end lets her keep the dog. The dog to Mitsy is a pet she can give the love to that she never had when her alcoholic mom left her.

Things change when her mom comes back to town and while the grandma wants nothing to do with her daughter Mitsy must decide for herself and make her own choices.

That is the basic story line but there is a lot more at play as well. Mitsy is at the age where she is starting to feel her sexuality and she likes a boy in town plus there we get to see how everyone deals with where they live and their lack of financial means.

Crackie is a character-driven film and it succeeds because they are realistic and believable and because the cast really delivers on their roles. Meghan Greeley who plays Mitsy is a joy to watch, the film is about her character and she owns every scene she is in. The film also stars Mary Walsh as the grandma and I don't thing there's anyone out there that doesn't love this talented actress.

The story of wanting to better yourself in a better place is one that has been told many times before but Director, Sherry White does a terrific job at keeping the story compelling and making the audience care for its characters.

I can't say this type of drama is for everyone but if your a fan of the genre then Crackie is a film not to be missed, everything from the writing down to the amazing cinematography makes this a must-see film and an Independent gem. You can order the DVD today HERE. The DVD comes with Special Features that include:


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Released by Osiris Entertainment

**** Out Of *****