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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Hugh Dancy, Liane Balaban, Mamie Gummer, David Zayas, Gillian Jacobs, Laura Heisler, Michael Chernus, Benjamin Walker, Patch Darragh, Bill Camp

Director: Will Frears

Genre: Comedy/Romance

Year: 2010

Rating: PG-13

Newly single and without any friends to hang with, trust fund-supported slacker Nick begins coaching a youth soccer team. As he forges meaningful relationships with his star player and a new girlfriend, Nick finally starts learning how to grow up.

Coach is a Indie Comedy/romance that doesn't offer anything new as far as the genre goes but it does succeed in providing enough romance and laughs to make it very enjoyable. For starters I am a fan of Hugh Dancy, if you don't know him by name he starred in "Confessions of a Shopaholic" and the more recent "Adam". Hugh has proven he can play various roles very well and he has a certain charm about him that makes him a very likable actor.

Dancy stars as Nick a man living off a trust-fund who is pretty good at just slacking off. When his girlfriend dumps him he decides to do something other than just hanging around with his friends so he takes a job at coaching a school soccer team, when one boy hurts his arm it is up to Nick to take the boy to the doctors and it is there he meets a beautiful doctor and who changes his whole way of thinking.

I was taken in by the film's charm regardless of it's not so original story, I didn't seem to mind the story at all because the humor was fun and I even liked the romance side of the story as well. This is Will Frears first attempt at writing and only his second time directing so I got to say I thought he did a fine job at keeping the story moving at a nice pace as well as keeping it light and entertaining and not dragging it down with too much drama. Coach is a sweet film that that never gets too serious and in the end it is a feel-good movie that left a smile on my face. I loved the cast, Dancy is terrific as always and the even the kids in the film did a great job playing their roles. The film isn't going to change your life but if you like the genre I would say it is about as good as any other big budget romance that has come out in recent memory. I look forward to seeing more work from Director, Will Frears and the talented cast as well. Coach makes for a good time and it doesn't once offend which is something that is rare nowadays. I knew I was going to enjoy this film going by the cast alone but I was taken in by it's charm and was left feeling really good.

Released by Lions Gate

*** 1/2 Out Of *****