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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Melanie Donihoo, Jovan Jackson, James LaMarr, Morgan McCarthy, Evan Scott, Peyton Wetzel, Tim Wrobel, Danielle Jones, Richard Boatto

Director: Mel House

Genre: Horror

Year: 2010

Rating: Unrated

What happens when the quest for knowledge comes up against the insatiable hunger for flesh? Six grad students slowly and horrifically discover the answer as they search for their missing professor.

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The trailer for Closet Space peaked my interest so I was eager but still a little cautious when I put this little Independent horror in to watch. The film immediately grabs your attention from it's opening frames, we see what is cam footage of a Professor who has found a series of tunnels behind what seems like an ordinary closet door. The footage also shows that the Professor and his crew were attacked by something that is pure evil. The film then switches to a classroom and we begin meeting the main characters in the film including the students and substitute teacher that will go and try and find their Professor. I refuse to go into anymore major details about what happens in the film so not to ruin it for those of you waiting to see it for yourselves. Like I stated before I was really interested in seeing this and now that I did I got to say this is one creepy horror flick, sure some of the production suffers a tad from the film's obvious low budget but Director, Mel House does a fantastic job at using what he has to work with to create just the right amount of gore and atmosphere. It is the atmosphere that that makes the difference here, once they enter into the closet space wearing what looks like Christmas light around them and flashlights in hand the film becomes creepy and often quite scary as you sense there is danger lurking just out of sight. It doesn't take the evil that lurks in the tunnels long to make themselves known to us and when one by one the students begin to fall victim the suspense level goes off the radar and you are on the edge of your seat waiting to see if anyone can escape alive. The film has a great pace to it and there are a few nice twists and turns a long the way as well, towards the end is when secrets get revealed and the ending, well let me just say it was perfect. There are also a few disturbing and shocking scenes in the film as well but you are not going to hear about them from me. Another thing that impressed me here was the cast, I thought each actor did a terrific job playing their roles and they all made their characters believable.

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There are certain films you expect to be good going into them and then there is Closet Space a gem of an Independent film that had me hooked from it's opening frames and didn't let go till it's surprising climax. I am not going to compare this to other films because that would be too easy but if you are a fan of Independent cinema or horror in general you need to check this out. It is also note-worthy to mention the effects used were great considering the budget and they fit the story well and were very effective. I wish I could say more about the film but but doing so would only ruin it. All I can say is Closet Space is a film to sink your teeth into and it just might have have thinking twice the next time you go to open your closet to get something out of it. I am not sure on the actual release date but you can follow it's progress at R Squared Films website HERE.

Released by R Squared Films

**** Out Of *****