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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Sarah Agor, Charlene Tilton, Harmony Blossom, Jay Gillespie, Erica Duke, Sarah Kathryn Harrison, John Richard Petersen, Sonja O'Hara, Deanna Meske, Seth Cassell, Seth Austin, Maura Murphy

Director: Mark Quod

Genre: Comedy

Year: 2010

Rating: Unrated

When they're hired to work at a cheerleading camp for the summer, two lusty college friends prepare for the most spirited three months of their lives. But the squad won't be ready for serious competition without some remedial training in sex appeal. Lucky for them, the guys have a plan that will benefit both parties: bringing in a crop of strippers to teach the girls everything they need to know about handling their pom-poms.

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The Asylum is back with another comedy, this time around we get to spend some time at a cheerleader camp, could we of asked for more? The story is about Michael, a young man who takes a job at a cheerleader camp as part of the maintenance crew. When he arrives he meets another member who is busy checking out the girls doing their routines, Michael quickly becomes friends with Andy and together they get into a lot of hot water. Seth Cassell is hilarious as Andy, he was also in another Asylum comedy "Sexpot" as well but he really does a great job here, this young man really has hat it takes to do this kind of comedy. If you haven't guessed by now the film isn't going to be for everyone, if you're easily offended by sex jokes I suggest you look for another movie to watch but if you like this sort of comedy with raunchy jokes and naked ladies then this is going to be the movie for you. Without getting into too much of the story(yes their is a story here) I can say that there's a bit of romance, a back story to one of the characters who is running away from his past and even a lesson or two to be learned along the way but come on what male is going to be paying attention to detail with all the hot ladies running around? Also I can't close out this review without mentioning the film also has Charlene Tilton in it, I had a crush on this woman back in her "Dallas" days and she still looks pretty darn good today, she doesn't have a big role in the film but she manages to steal all the scenes she is in. The entire cast was great, the story was brisk and fun and the music was lively and really helped in adding to the over-all enjoyment of the movie.

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#1 Cheerleader Camp is everything American Pie should of been, a no-holds bar attack on the sexual funny bone. Think "National Lampoon" in over-drive. I had a great time watching this and laughed from beginning to end. After-all how can you not love a movie that has bouncing boobies in it's opening frames? If you like this sort of comedy then I highly recommend picking this one up, get some friends together with your favorite drinks and just have a good time. The DVD comes with Special Features that include:


Audio Commentary

Making-Of Featurette


Released by The Asylum Home Entertainment

**** Out Of *****