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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Shaun Mixon, Monyque Thompson Scott, D.Y. Sao, Kevin Lukata

Director: R.L. Scott

Genre: Action

Year: 2012

Rating: NR

John, Abel and a few new fighters compete in "The Supreme fighting Arena," a competition where fighters face one another in a contest to the death. Jupiter, Neesa, Kyo, Conner as well as many new enemies appear and the final battle for control over the city begins.

"Champion Road: Arena" really stands out among other action films like it. It's best not to know much about the story going in so the synopsis above is plenty enough to know before watching the movie. The film does have a pretty good story considering the kind of film it is but lets face it you watch a movie like this for the action and that it does have. There's action galore here and for the most part it's all very well done, just about every fight is realistic and believable and brutal. Th film also has a good amount of drama since there are many characters in the film and each and everyone has their own little story to tell and their own motives for joining in this fight to the death.

Production wise the film looks good considering the budget here and the acting for the most part was spot on as well. There's really not a lot to say about "Champion Road: Arena" because you either like this kind of action film or you don't. Yes there are many films like it out there but this is one of the better ones in recent memory. In the end it is all about the action with a film like this, it's has a decent story and some good drama which allows for you to have some sort of feeling towards the characters but in the end you watch a movie like this to see some quality ass kicking and that is what this film delivers on.

If you like the genre then I highly recommend checking this out, it's a high octane film that really entertains. The DVD comes with Special Features that include:

Fight Choreography

Making Of

You can order the DVD HERE.

Released by Maverick Entertainment

*** 3/4 Out Of *****