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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Tino Struckmann, Jill Headrick, Jack Dimich, Tiffany Anne Hughes, Chase Stevens

Director: Tino Struckmann

Genre: Action

Year: 2012

Rating: NR

A criminal ring kidnaps women and sells them to wealthy clients. When they kidnap the wife of an ARMY Ranger, their plans change dramatically, when he finds the abandoned Prison where they are held. A deadly cat and mouse game begins as he hunts them while trying to save the women from being sold and shipped away.

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During his time served in Eastern Europe Mack Crawford has seen his fair share of things he would like to forget. After serving his time he is finally heading home but he is not the man he was before he left. His wife Charlotte is more than understanding and is willing to give him time to adjust to a normal life but Mack soon finds out that his life is not going to be normal, at least not yet. A criminal ring who snatches women off the street and sells them to the highest bidder has taken Charlotte, Mack begs the police for help but it falls on deaf ears. Now Mack will do the job himself and the criminals soon find out they abducted the wrong wife.

One thing I noticed right off the bat was MTI Video added the word Chained to the title and made the cover-art look very similar to a film they released late last year called "Chained." I'm not sure of the reasoning here and I think it might confuse people when their looking for something to watch especially if they already seen the film "Chained." That being said this film is a mix of good and bad, the bad parts are that some of the acting is below the norm even for a low budget film and the other is the hand to hand combat scenes are not staged very well. On the good side the action is pretty much non-stop in the film and there's also a decent amount of humor mixed in mainly between Mack and another girl he is rescuing named Tiffany, the Tiffany character really helps in lightening the mood. One thing to remember is this is no way a comedy, the scenes of the woman being held and tortured are not pretty so the main theme here is a serious one.

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Like I said before some of the acting isn't so good but the film's main leads do a pretty good job including, Tino Struckmann as Mack, Jill Headrick who plays his wife and Tiffany Anne Hughes who star's as Tiffany are all very good. Tino Struckmann also wrote and directed the film as well so I give him credit for that because the story though simple is well-written and he made most of the characters very likable.

There are better movies out there to be had but "Chained: Code 207" is an enjoyable action film if you can over-look it's obvious flaws. With a bit more money I think this could of been something special but as it is I still think it was entertaining enough to recommend a rental at least. Also a portion of the profits the film makes will be donated to the victims of violence and women's shelters and for that reason alone the film is worth supporting.

You can order the DVD HERE.

Released by MTI Video

** 3/4 Out Of *****