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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Michael Lombardi, Susan Misner, Jeffrey DeMunn, Franklin Ojeda Smith, Peter Maloney, John Mainieri, Tuffy Questell, Lisa Barnes, Tenson Scott

Director: Bobby Sheehan

Genre: Drama/Romance/Comedy

Year: 2010

Rating: PG

Cayman Went is the story of Josh Anders, a fading Hollywood underwater action star whose life takes on new meaning when he's forced to spend time with the eccentric, endearing inhabitants of Cayman Brac and their local dive community.

Mike Lombardi is great here as an actor who is forced to spend time on the little island beach community that just loves his TV show even though it is failing in the ratings. His job is to try and convince the locals to sell their properties to big business. He is charming and believable and carries the film pretty much on his own and is screen for what seems like the whole film but the supporting cast also did a great job as well. There is also one other supporting cast member that really gives the film a boost and it isn't even human, it is the Cayman Islands themselves, the landscape and underwater shots are breath-taking to look at and they leave you wanting to pack your bags and catch the first flight out. The story is a simple one but it is well-directed and acted which makes for a pleasant experience the entire family can enjoy together. The film certainly makes for a advertisement ad for tourists but it also has a pro-environment message that both young and old can learn from plus a little romance as well. There is a lot to enjoy here, the film will have you laughing out loud at times and it might even leave you tearing up in other spots. This is one of those little gems that really leaves you feeling good with it's uplifting story. The whole story of Josh and what it takes to give him a change of heart mixed with the beautiful surroundings and intoxicating music makes this simply a joy to watch and one film I highly recommend for the entire family. Strong word of mouth is going to help this gem become a hit on home video and that is a good thing because Cayman Went is one film that deserves to be seen. The DVD comes packed with special features that include:

Behind The Scenes Footage

Audition Footage

Cast Interviews

Original Art

Photo Gallery


Released by Osiris Entertainment

**** Out Of *****