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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Tom Doty,Jerry Lloyd,Roy Stanton,Josh Cameron Richard Cranor

Director: Sam Akina

Genre: Action

Year: 2010

Rating: R

Ex-con Cash (Tom Doty) tracks down the culprit who raped and killed Cash's wife: vile drug lord Hector Gonzales (Jerry Lloyd). The players include a Vietnamese crime boss (Toan Le), a fiery Sicilian capo (Dex Manley), a black-market organ broker (Phil Randoy) and a brutal hit man (Kori K. Just).

The above pretty much tells you all you need to know going into this one, lets face it this will never win any big awards but you are not going to find an action film this entertaining either too often. Right from the opening scenes you think you are watching a 70's exploitation flick filled with everything you want including humor, action, blood, strippers, profanity, and cheezy scenes/characters. The violence is over-the-top but that is what is so great about the film, it never once takes itself too serious which allows the viewer to just go along with it and have a good time. Tom Doty is great as Ca$h, the man looking for revenge no matter the cost. The acting in the film varies from good to bad but that is to be expecting from a low-budget film like this. When you pick up a film like this you are looking for an action flick and this does not disappoint as there is plenty of it to please any fan. Some might disagree with me here but I also thought the story was well written, with all the different characters in the film and all that was going on I felt the director did a great job at telling the story and I liked the use of the flashbacks to give us more detail into what happened before so we could better understand everyone's motives. Ca$h is proof you can make an entertaining film without having to spend a ton of money doing so, I enjoyed everything about it and thought it had a perfect ending as well which wrapped it all up nicely. If your a fan of action I highly recommend picking this little gem up today, this is one action film you will be watching more than once, one of the better guilty pleasures I have seen in awhile.

Released by MTI Home Video

**** Out Of *****