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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Dave Campfield, Paul Chomicki, Felissa Rose, Deron Miller, Brinke Stevens, Joe Estevez

Director: Dave Campfield

Genre: Horror/Comedy

Year: 2011

Rating: NR

After unintentionally punching out the Chief of Policeís mentally challenged brother, a flamboyant tough guy, Caesar, is on the run. Together with his slovenly half brother, Otto, the two take on false identities and get jobs as counselors at the strangely vacant Camp Sunsmile. The would-be summer camp has attracted a motley crew of Hollywood outcasts, all of whom seem to be hiding something. But when the mysterious Carrie (Felissa Rose) shows up, the counselors begin disappearing one by one. Soon, Caesar and Otto find themselves at the edge of a summer camp killerís blade as they run, duck, and swoosh for their lives!

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"Caesar & Otto's Summer Camp Massacre" took me back to the comedy capers from the 80's. I was immediately drawn toward to the two half-wits, Caeser and Otto but the film is a bit more than just a couple guys acting stupid, there a well-written slasher story here and it keeps you guessing on who the killer is till the very end.

Done on a low-budget the film has it's obvious flaws but none get in the way of the fun and the actually looks pretty damn good considering it was filmed in just 10 days. The cast did a terrific job playing these off the wall characters, Dave Campfield and Paul Chomicki are hilarious as Caeser and Otto and the cameos from such celebs as Joe Estevez, Felissa Rose and Brinke Stevens are a nice touch, Estevez has some very funny lines in short time he's on screen. The film has a number of references in it to such films as "Sleepaway Camp" which not only work in the film but they make you want to go back and watch some of the old classics over again.

Dave Campfield not only star's as Caeser but he also wrote and directed the film as well. As far as comedy/horror goes he seems to have a pulse on the genre and I look forward to seeing what he comes up with next. You can guess by watching the film where some of the influences might of come from but don't sell the film short, you get everything you want from the genre here including hilarious dialogue and scenarios, some gore and a clever little story that keeps your attention from it's opening scene all the way till the credits begin to roll.

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It may not be original but "Caeser and Otto" sure in the hell adds a lot of freshness to an otherwise stale genre.

If you like the comedy/horror genre then I suggest picking this one up, Indie film buffs are sure to get a kick out of the film's humor. There's not a lot of gore here or nudity but the film doesn't need either to succeed, instead it's entertaining because of it's cast, story and its brisk pace, the film flies by and before you know it the 75 mins are over leaving you very happy but perhaps wanting more.

Released by Brain Damage Films

*** 1/2 Out Of *****