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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Dominique Swain, Blanchard Ryan, Aysan Celik, Leon, Danny Masterson

Director: Julian M. Kheel

Genre: Comedy

Year: 2009

Rating: PG-13

Desperate to improve his life, New Yorker Fitz (Danny Masterson) concocts a scheme to rob a wealthy and hated pawnshop owner. Unknown to Fitz, his gang of cheerful incompetents faces competition from two other crews who plan to hit the joint on the same night.

As a first time Director of a feature film Julian M. Kheel did a terrific job at keeping all the pieces here together and providing a great pace as well. The film itself is certainly different with it's use of camera work and color but that is what makes it not only good but original as well and today there just isn't anything really "new" any more so that is certainly refreshing. This is a comedy that will have wide appeal with it's over the top characters that are both zany and hysterical at the same time, each gang is so much different than the others and the character development for a film such as this is exceptional. Some out there might find this to be a little too off the wall since it is not your typical comedy but those with an open mind are certainly going to be rewarded. The film spent some time on the Festival circuit and was well received by audiences but now that it is on DVD a much wider range of people get the chance to experience the fun as well. As you can see the film has a lot going for it and to top it all off it has a fantastic cast as well including Danny Masterson,Leon and Dominique Swain. I highly recommend this to any fan of comedy, it certainly was a pleasant surprise to me. The DVD comes pack with Special Features including:

Commentary with Julian Mark Kheel, Brett Halsey and Danny Masterson

Alternate Ending

Deleted Scenes

Alternate Takes: Steve Lemme Improv

Before And After Demo: Giving It That Look

Shooting Script (.pdf file)


Released by Image Entertainment

**** Out Of *****