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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Milla Jovovich (Resident Evil, The Three Musketeers), Bill Pullman (Independence Day, Sleepless in Seattle, The Grudge), Marcia Cross (star of "Desperate Housewives")

Director: Famke Janssen

Genre: Comedy/Drama/Family

Year: 2011

Rating: NR

In an effort to escape her murky past and build a better future, Olive (Milla Jovovich), a nomadic European con-artist, and her 10-year-old American-born son, Bobby (Spencer List), find themselves living in Oklahoma.

As her top priority, Olive seeks to give Bobby the things she never had. But despite of her efforts (or perhaps because of them) Bobby displays troubling behavior both at his school and in their conservative neighborhood. Things take a turn for the worse after Bobby’s unfortunate “run-in” with the local and wealthy businessman Kent (Bill Pullman), and Olive’s criminal past finally catches up with her, forcing her to make the toughest judgment of all.

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"Bringing Up Bobby" is the Directorial debut from Actress, Famke Janssen, a film which she also wrote and co-produced. The film stars Milla Jovovich as a European con-artist who will do anything to survive but there's only one problem, she is also raising her 10 year-old American son under the same conditions and it's starting to take it's toll on Bobby and what he sees as right and wrong. As far as the story goes there's not much more to know besides what's written above without giving away any spoilers.

This is a different role for Jovovich and she handles it well and the rest of the cast including Bill Pullman and Marcia Cross give wonderful performances as well. Spencer List is also terrific in the film, He continues to proof he is one of the brightest young actors around with his performance as Bobby. Director, Famke Janssen does a great job at keeping things light for the most part while still handling the the serious material very well and getting the message across about being a good role model for our young ones.

"Bringing Up Bobby" can be very funny at times but it's also at times a thought-provoking and tender film about a mother who has to grow up before she can take take of her son.

Production wise the film looks great and the camera work is amazing. I am not going to sit here and say that this is a perfect film, very few are but it has a great story and a cast that really delivers on their performances and the story still manages to get it's message across loud and clear while still remaining highly entertaining. If this is the type of material Famke Janssen can produce as a Writer/Director then I hope she doesn't stop here because she is very good at telling a story and bringing a cast together.

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I highly recommend checking out "Bringing Up Bobby," is a film that plays with your emotions, it will have you laughing and maybe even shedding a tear a two and in the end it leaves you with a wonderful feeling of hope. A comedy/drama that can be enjoyed by everyone and for once this is a film that even us adults can learn some very valuable lessons from.

"Bringing Up Bobby" is having a limited Theatrical release, you can follow it's progress at it's official site HERE.

A heart-felt comedy I highly recommend to all lovers of cinema.

Released by Monterey Media

**** Out Of *****