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The Bridge to Nowhere is the story of four young 20-something men from the rough Upper North Side of Pittsburgh. They are stuck in dead-end jobs and struggle with dysfunctional family lives. The guys, inspired by the images of pop culture and the desire to break away from the neighborhood, regularly scheme to make extra money by running minor underground activities, including: sports booking, poker tournaments and house parties. One night during an evening out the four young men stumble across the "new neighbors", two independent prostitutes, Jasper and Candice, who end up inspiring a new business idea. Trapped in her own existence, Jasper, agrees to join forces with the young men to create, quite accidentally, what turns out to be an empire that launches each of them into financial riches. Along the way each character battles their own demons regarding the choices they have made In the end, however, their world comes crashing down on them in grandiose fashion. It's the city of bridges, where water separates the haves and have-nots, the bridge they sought so desperately to cross ultimately ends up being The Bridge To Nowhere

I was excited about watching this for a few reasons, one being that it was filmed in my hometown and the other being Ving Rhames, This man is always a presence when he is on screen with his massive size and deep voice. There is not much more I can say about the plot as above pretty much covers it but the film is basically about a group of guys living day to day with no hope of any kind of future so they decide to start a prostitution business and before they know it business is booming and they are living the rich life. But after awhile the success becomes too big to control and things being to unravel, like dealing in anything illegal it catches up to you at some point but the question is can you get out alive. Bridge to Nowhere has a lot going for it starting with the strong ensemble cast, Ving Rhames plays a local dealer the guys go to get their drugs they need to keep their girls happy. Rhames is more laid back here than I have seen him in the past but he is no less convincing. Ben Crowley plays Brian, the one in the group that comes up with the idea and the head of the business but he makes the ultimate mistake of taking his own product, something you never should do and one that always leads to your doom. Ben to this point has done a lot of Television work and has had some bit parts in movies so I was really impressed with him here as he did a terrific job playing the lead character. The film also has a few more familiar faces including, Danny Masterson,Bijou Phillips and Thomas Ian Nicholas but it is the entire cast here that makes this film work and not just one actor and the everyone from the lead actors to the supporting cast was fantastic. The cast was very important because this a crime drama that is character driven, you get to know a lot about each of these guys and make makes each and everyone of them tick. I found it very difficult to find anything wrong with this film, the script I thought was well-written and everything else from the pace to cinematography and all the way down to the score were excellent. The city here made a great setting for the story and it really made the film more believable and that is the one thing that impressed me the most here. The film and its characters are all very believable and you feel for some of these guys while at the same time being angry at others, they film draws you in from its opening scenes and makes you a part of it. If you like a good crime drama then I highly recommend picking up Bridge to Nowhere, it is a tense and captivating flick that takes you along for the ride as these men try and find a better life for themselves but in the end all they find is a road that doesn't lead to a happy ending but instead it leads nowhere. The DVD comes with the Trailer, that is pretty much it but the film packs enough raw emotion to more than make up for the lack of extras.

Released by Image Entertainment. **** Out Of *****