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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Melissa Johnson, Lora Meins, Vanessa Leinani, Heather Whitsell, Christina DeYoung

Director: Patrick Keith

Genre: Horror/Drama

Year: 2008

Rating: NR

Andrea is just an ordinary Goth college girl trying to deal with the tragedies life has thrown at her. When her best friend, Brandy, comes back into her life, Andrea thinks things might finally be taking a turn for the better. But when the machinations of a mysterious woman, Carmilla, cause a birthday gift to go horribly awry, Andrea is forced to make the most difficult choice of her life, not only for herself, but for her dearest friend.

Bloodwine is a vampire flick but if your looking for something with lots of action and gore I suggest you skip over this one and find another more suitable film. Now don't get me wrong Bloodwine is a good flick it just isn't your run-of-the-mill vampire flick but that's what makes it so good. The story is driven by the two lead characters, Andrea and Brandy, their friendship is what makes the story work also the story of how Brandy becomes the vampire is not your typical bite on the neck tale which I found to be very refreshing. The killings in the film are short but effective enough and fit the over-all mood of the story itself. The simple CGI used again is perfect for the film and it only enhances the story. Patrick Keith, of Doom Bunny Films, wrote and directed Bloodwine and the cast of unknowns used in the film all did a terrific job at making their characters believable. The two lead actresses did a great job at making their friendship a believable one, they had great chemistry together which was very important for a character-driven vampire flick such as this. I was taken in by the story right from the opening scene and I found myself invested in the story and the characters who I cared about. Like I stated before Bloodwine is not your typical vampire film so it may not be for everyone but if you are willing to give it a chance I think you will be well rewarded in the end. Like any Independent film this one also has a few flaws but there is way too many good things here to not like this film, this is an original and refreshing vampire flick that delivers a Gothic tale that is as captivating as it is entertaining, it leaves you wanting more.

Released by R Squared Films

**** Out Of *****