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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Nick Sommer, Mike Johnson, Sarah Luther, Emily Treolo, Andrew Swant

Director: Drew Rosas

Genre: Horror/Comedy

Year: 2010

Rating: NR

Laura's parents go away for the weekend leaving her and her little brother alone. But when her and her best friend meet two guys who invite on a camping trip she convinces her little brother to go along. The five of them head out on what they hope is a great time in woods but someone is out there looking to change that, now they are in a fight for their lives.

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First time Director, Drew Rosas captures the 80's perfectly in this campy yet brutal homage to old school horror/comedy. The generation is alive and well with Blood Junkies from the clothes, to the cars, the talk and right down to the power synth anthems that blaze away in the background. The film starts off slow, building the characters and the story up some before getting to the meaty parts. After they arrive and set up camp evening falls and they sit around the fire telling stories and partying. The next morning Rachel, Laura and her little brother go out hiking and they find an abandoned building that was once a chemical testing site but Laura gets spooked and wants to leave so her and her brother head out but Rachel decides to stay and explore the old building some more, big mistake because it doesn't take long before the creature grabs her. When Laura gets camp back to the camp she tells Craig and Teddy that Rachel stayed behind so the two guys head out to try and find her. When they don't know is Laura's brother also went back to the building and he spots the creature wearing a gas mask pushing a wheel barrel his sister in it. The boys in the mean time decide to head back to the building but ii might be too late because the girls are in a fight for their lives after Laura's brother frees them when the killer isn't around. I can go on but if I do I will certainly ruin the film and it's mind trip of an ending. They ending I thought was fantastic, it certainly tosses in a mighty twist that will leave you thinking about long after it's over

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Filmed for only $7,000 Blood Junkie is an impressive debut from this talented young director. Hollywood needs to start taking notice of all the great talent that is out there instead of replying on sequels and remakes. The film is funny, campy, suspenseful and a bit gory at times. This is what Independent horror is all about, I had a great time watching this. It took me back to when a horror movie meant a great time, Blood Junkie is just that and more, it's old school fun.

Released by Troma Entertainment

**** Out Of *****