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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: David Arquette , Bijou Phillips, Vivica A. Fox, Nicholas Bishop, Lin Shaye

Director: Carl Colpaert

Genre: Drama/Mystery

Year: 2012

Rating: R

David Arquette delivers a stunning, dramatic performance as Jack MacKenzie, a divorced father, recovering alcoholic and former hotshot Hollywood composer now working as a limousine driver. Still trying to cope with the tragic accident that cost him his marriage and career, Jack lives in a world of creative frustration, economic desperation and deep emotional pain. But when he becomes obsessed with a sexy, yet equally unstable, model/actress (Bijou Phillips of ''Raising Hope'' and Hostel: Part II), Jack's life will veer towards the very edge of madness.

"Black Limousine" is a movie that would make David Lynch. It's one of those film's that blur the line between what is real and what isn't.

The story focuses on Jack, a down-on-his-luck film composer, divorced and carrying the guilt that he may have been partially responsible for the automobile accident that claimed the life of his young daughter. Trying to pull his life together, he takes a job as a limo driver, attends AA meetings, and soon meets both a troubled actress, with whom he wants to become romantically involved, and also an A-List actor, who just might be the key to reestablishing his music career. Nothing I could say here would really prepare you for this film, even the trailer doesn't do the film any justice. This is certainly a unique film that needs to be seen and not told about to fully appreciate the story.

Another very special thing about the film is the acting, David Arquette gives the performance of his career here, its certainly award worthy. Also Bijou Phillips is just as riveting as the model/actress who enters his life, their chemistry together is something to behold and together they really draw you into the story.

"Black Limousine" is one of those rare gems that only comes around every so often, it's a thinking man's film that immediately engages the audience and pulls you into the character's lives. This isn't going to be a film for everyone but if you like cinema that is different and challenges it's audience then I highly recommend checking this one out. A tense and dramatic story topped off b8y some of the best performances I have seen this year, I would really like to talk about the film more but I would only ruin it for those wanting to see it.

Available on DVD, you can order the movie HERE.

A fun, disturbing art film about alienation that will leave you thinking about it long after it's over. I cannot recommend seeing this very special piece of cinema enough, it's one you will be telling all your friends and family about. After this film I look forward to seeing what Writer/Director, Carl Colpaert comes up with next.

Released by Anchor Bay Entertainment

**** Out Of *****