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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Betty White

Director: Robert Kline

Genre: Documentary, Special Interest, Nature / Wildlife, Family / Kids

Year: 2011

Rating: NR

National treasure Betty White, multi-Emmy-winner and beloved entertainer ranked as "the most liked and trusted celebrity in the world" (Reuters), shares her tireless devotion to the animal world. This fascinating and heartwarming program transports you coast to coast and across the continents for unforgettable encounters with the amazing creatures with whom we share our planet and the people behind the scenes charged with their care, protection and maintenance. You'll visit America's precious national parks, world-class zoos, and aquariums to witness amazing sights tourists never get to see. You'll meet a penguin who got his feathers and his groove back, witness the heroics of the military's canine corps, and accompany members of the Humane Society as they work to put a stop to heartbreaking animal mistreatment. Along the way, Betty shares personal stories about her own cherished pets and unforgettable experiences with organizations that make the wonderful world of animals available to all.

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Betty White is a celebrity everyone young and old knows and loves, she explains in this documentary that her parents loved the outdoors and animals and it was passed on to her. In this documentary we see all kinds of animals both in captivity and in the wild that are being protected in numerous ways. Yellowstone National Park, Northwest Wyoming is visited as are the Everglades in Florida and even Africa. This is a feel good documentary but one that makes the audience both sad and angry as well over certain things like the rhinos in Africa being brutally murdered for their tusks.

The film has a good bit of disturbing images in it but they are necessary to tell the story but there's more feel good moments than gloomy ones in the film to make it an enjoyable time.

Some of the content might be a bit much for younger kids so beware of that before letting them watch this but the darker scenes are indeed very important for the over-all message the film is attempting to deliver here. We all know Betty White is the world's most loved celebrity but this shows another side to her, one that many out there never knew about. It's a wonderful thing she is doing and I applaud her for her efforts. If you enjoy nature documentaries then I highly recommend checking this one out, it's full of heart-warming moments as well as more serious issues we face in protecting our wild life.

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Released by Image Entertainment

***** Out Of *****