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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Ashley Gallo

Director: William Victor Schotten

Genre: Horror/Drama

Year: 2012

Rating: NR

A horror filmmaker, Dave Dommin documents a Demon Invasion in his hometown. Dave offers shelter to four people: a stripper and her abusive boyfriend, a religious man and his pregnant girlfriend. Together they struggle to survive the demonic infestation, all the while fighting amongst themselves, insane with the desperate will to survive.

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"Below Ground: Demon Holocaust" is another film I have seen recently that was completely different than I expected it to be. That could be a good thing or a bad thing, with this particular film it was a little of both. The story starts off on the right track with people possessed by demons walking around terrorizing anyone in sight but once the film introduces it's main characters and setting it slows down and becomes more a character-driven drama. The drama which lasts for the majority of the film isn't really a bad thing but when you get a film with this title and a DVD cover with a demon on display you tend to look for a bit more from it.

That being said I did enjoy all the dialogue that was going, it was realistic and believable and you really got to know the characters more than you would in other films like this one. The story also has a few twists and surprises towards the end which makes for an over-all entertaining experience.

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The cast gave very realistic performances and the little bit of make-up effects used were done well. "Below Ground: Demon Holocaust" is another Indie film that could be a hard sell outside it's targeted audience but for those that love Independent cinema this is certainly unique enough to enjoy. So over-all I found the film to be entertaining even with it's heavy dialogue and little action besides the beginning and the end. The characters and their stories kept me engaged till the climax and the film's 76 minute run time was perfect, the film never had time to be boring. Certainly a different kind of horror film but none the less it's one I enjoyed.

Released by Worldwide Multimedia

** 1/2 Out Of *****