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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Birthe Wolter,Philipp Danne,Anna Breuer,Marvin Gronen

Director: Wolf Wolff,Ohmuthi (co-director)

Genre: Horror

Year: 2008

Rating: R

Terror catapults onto the screen as a new form of avian flu turns its unsuspecting victims into voracious zombies. Pleasure-seeking 20-somethings partying in a remote mansion must then battle the flesh-eating monsters and the infected birds. Armed with flamethrowers, brawn and scientific know-how, the friends barricade themselves against the horrors of the night, but will any of them live to see the morning light?

I got to say with the recent Swine flu breakout this film seems eerily appropriate for the time. I went into this not expecting too much from the movie itself but was surprised that it was much better then I expected it to be. The film has a dark atmosphere and music to match it, in some ways it reminded me of "28 Days Later" in looks and mood. The story was interesting enough and the pace was a little slow at first but it's because it takes time to build up the characters and present a little back-story plus it did the job of adding to the suspense before the action kicked in. The effects are very good considering this is a low-budget flick and the movie being filmed in Germany I think added alot to the atmosphere. The acting wasn't anything ground-breaking but I thought the cast did a fine job at making their characters as believable as the story allowed. Over-all as far as zombie related flicks go I would say this was a pretty decent one that I found to be more entertaining than the "Resident Evil" series. If you like the genre I recommend giving this one a shot, the story itself doesn't bring much originality as far as zombie flicks go but it is one of the better horror films in the genre to come along in awhile.

Released by Lions Gate Home Entertainment

*** 1/2 Out Of *****