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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Martin Kove, Jeanette Roxborough, Chris Mulkey, Teya Roxborough, Eric Etebari, Louis Mandylor, Bridgett Riley, Spice Williams-Crosby, Joanne Baron, Anthony Cistaro, MylinEnglish, David Basila, David Jean Thomas

Director: Eric Etebari

Genre: Action/Drama

Year: 2010

Rating: PG-13

To pay her ailing daughter's mounting medical bills, single mom Sam Rogers (Jeanette Roxborough) works as a stunt double and as a waitress in a rough bar. But opportunity knocks -- with the promise of major dough -- when she meets a fight promoter named Sonny Cool (Martin Kove). Soon, Sam finds herself in a highly illegal -- and very exhilarating -- underground, all-female bare-knuckle tournament

The film shows us just how far a person would go for those they love. This story just happens to be based off a true story and is a about a single mother who will stop at nothing to help her little girl. There's plenty of scenes with women fighting each other but there is also the human story that is being told here and to me that was not only what sold me before even watching it but it was also what it made it so special in the end. Sure I love to see a couple ladies going at in a ring like any other guy but it was the story of this single mother and her special needs daughter that stole my heart. Martin Kove plays a fight promoter looking for the next big thing to get back to the top and Jeanette Roxborough in her acting debut plays a waitress in a bar he finds after she breaks up a fight. Kove is his usual self which is always dependable as far as acting goes and Roxborough not only has the beauty but always shows a lot of promise as far as acting goes. She seems to be the perfect package with looks and ability to do action scenes. Director, Eric Etebari does a great job at keeping the action coming and pace of the film fast while still telling the remarkable story of one woman that will stop at nothing to help her daughter even if it means risking her own life to do so. There has been numerous films about women fighters in both legal and illegal circuits but I can't remember one of with this much heart. Bare Knuckles is an Independent film that surpasses it's budget because all involved treated the film as a labor of love, at least that is the way it came across to me. I had a good time watching this, you get some sexy women fighters and a story that touches the heart, it is as much an adrenaline rush as it is inspirational. The fights scenes were well choreographed and the film is a emotional roller-coaster ride of emotions that has on on the edge of your seat hoping and praying for the best for this mother and her daughter. There's enough action and drama here to recommend this film to everyone so be sure to pick up Bare Knuckles today.

Released by Image Entertainment

**** Out Of *****