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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Jonathan Cherry, David Lengel, Sally Kirkland, Dallas Page

Director: Blake Leibel

Genre: Comedy

Year: 2009

Rating: R

Soon after Max (Jonathan Cherry), a balding college student, launches a chicks-caught-on-camera scam la "Girls Gone Wild" with his roommates -- The B (Darris Love), Heather (Whitney Anderson) and her shirtless girlfriend, Cynthia (Lisa Gleave) -- the project takes off beyond their wildest dreams. But when the leading ladies' parents (including Sally Kirkland) start seeing their daughters on the Internet, they come after Max with a vengeance.

Every time a comedy like this one comes out people always seem to say "it doesn't break any new ground", well that is because none of them ever do but that doesn't make them bad films it just makes them guilty pleasures. Bald certainly fits in with the college crowd with it's sex jokes, partying and half naked women, it could easily of been a National Lampoon film. The story is simple, a 20 yr-old man is going prematurely bald and he is very concerned about. He has used every product there is to stop his hair loss but nothing seems to be working. When Max gets a failing grade and is kicked out of school him and his buddies decide to launch a internet web cam service so he can buy his way back into school and get a hair transplant. The web site takes off but trouble is right around the corner when the girl's parents come looking for Max. when it comes to raunchy you are not going to find any movie more so than this one, the film is filled with offensive yet hilarious sex jokes. The film is aimed towards the 18-25 set male set but I am over that and still found it to be very funny. The film is surprising tame on nudity, I figured there would be a lot more then there was but the jokes which start from the opening scene never stop till the very end. The film is so "wrong" at times that I found myself almost falling off my chair in laughter, it is no-brainer fun and if you like this sort of comedy then I highly recommend picking this up. The cast is terrific and each and everyone of them deliver on their zany characters. I really liked the way the guys prepared for "battle" against the arriving parents looking for revenge for what happened to their daughters. After a small battle the parents come to their senses when the find out just how rich their daughters have become. The end I will not give away here but I can say I enjoyed watching this movie. The film's main objective is to shock and leave you laughing and it does that for a solid hour and 20 minutes. If you get insulted by comedies like "American Pie" then I suggest you look elsewhere but if you like this sort of thing then grab your friends and favorite drinks and pop this DVD in.

Released by Image Entertainment

**** Out Of *****