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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Beth Broderick, Chris Mulkey, Whitney Able, Vincent Ventresca

Director: Robert Lee King

Genre: Comedy

Year: 2012

Rating: NR

Alyssa Rampart-Pillage is a washed up TV queen whose career has been reduced to starring in commercials for her husband Bernie s appliance empire. When their tree-hugging daughter Topanga dies in a tragic golf ball incident, Bernie goes off the spiritual deep end and tries to give away their fortune... with disastrous results. But what starts off as tragedy quickly turns into career re-invention for Alyssa. And as the body count rises, so does her star. Bad Actress is a guilty pleasure of a film that gleefully mocks the world of Hollywood and Fame, reminding us that Justice has nothing on Celebrity.

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"Bad Actress" is a play on words, sure the lead is a actress that has seen better days and has resorted to doing commercials for her husband's used appliance store but the "bad" is more amount what she does in the film more so then her acting ability. The story is filled with moments of camp, strange characters and murder yet Director, Robert Lee King(Psycho Beach Party) some how keeps the plot believable while at the same time making it hilarious. The film is funny in all the wrong places, this is what Indie cinema is all about for me, I found myself laughing out loud at scenes that you don't normally laugh at. One reason the film is so damn good is the brilliance of the writing and acting, Beth Broderick is amazing as the lead and the entire supporting cast all give fantastic performances playing their over the top characters.

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I can talk about "Bad Actress" forever but it's the type of comedy that really needs to be seen to be appreciated. Beth Broderick won BEST ACTRESS at the New York Independent Film Festival for playing Alyssa Rampart-Pillage, August 2011 won the "10 Degrees Hotter" BEST PICTURE award at the Valley Film Festival, November, 2011. The awards the film has won are all for good reason, "Bad Actress" is a clever, mischievous comedy that is on the money. If you love a good comedy or you're looking for something a bit different then I highly recommend checking this out.

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Released by Strand Releasing

**** Out Of *****