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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Stellan Skarsgård, Bjørn Floberg, Gard B. Eidsvold, Jorunn Kjellsby, Bjørn Sundquist, Jon Øigarden, Kjersti Holmen, Jan Gunnar Røise, Julia Bache-Wiig, Aksel Hennie

Director: Hans Petter Moland

Genre: Drama/Comedy

Year: 2010

Rating: NR

With revenge on his mind, a gangster (Stellan Skarsgård) who spent 12 years in prison for murder sets out to kill the man (Henrik Mestad) who put him there. But the promise of a normal life -- and news that he's on the brink of becoming a grandfather -- proves a tempting distraction. Suddenly, seeking vengeance doesn't seem nearly as important.

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After a 12 year sentence for killing his wife Ulrik looks forward to having a second chance at life but going back to his old neighborhood isn't going to make it easy. There's still his ex-mafia boss who is willing to give Ulrik his old job back of killing people because of an old debt he owes, then there's the countless women who still find him attractive. The film isn't much different than any other gangster film we've seen but what makes it so good is that it's played completely straight without a nod or a wink and somehow it's hilarious. The film is full of awkward moments and combined together to create the film it makes for many laugh out loud moments. All the characters in the film are richly developed and the connection between them all is well drawn out and the story is clever and well written with some some nice twists along the way to keep you interested in what is going to happen.

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As far as the cast goes Stellan Skarsgard is brilliant as the main character and the supporting cast is amazing as well. "A Somewhat Gentle Man" is a gem of a gangster film, it's a sweet, funny film that has everything going for it. The film is presented in it's original Norwegian language with English subtitles, even if you don't like films you have to read I highly recommend picking up this amazing piece of cinema, in the end you will be glad you did. You can order the DVD HERE.

Released by Strand Releasing

***** Out Of *****