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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Christina Grozik, Jerry Springer, Kevin McClatchy, Mary Faktor, Don Mitri, Kirk Brown, Doug Kusak

Director: Christina Grozik

Genre: Comedy

Year: 2010

Rating: N/A

The hypocrisy lurking behind politics and small-town life is revealed in this sharp, hilarious satire that finds Centerville shaking up its mayoral election by forcing the candidates to participate in an "Election Pageant." Seven eccentric, competitive locals run for office despite their many flaws, and during the pageant, show off their skills at baby kissing, photo ops, handshaking and other skills needed by a savvy politician.

Take our current Political election system and turn it on it's head by making it a popularity contest. The film brilliantly takes aim at our system and compares it to beauty pageants which if you ask me hits the nail right on the head. This film is about politicians in a small town who compete to be the next mayor but they must compete in a beauty pageant style event in order to get the votes. This is a clever, well-written and often hilarious comedy that is not only one of the more original films I have seen but it really hits home as far as exposing the way our country has become. The film has won numerous awards and for good reason, it is a lot of fun from beginning to end with tons of laughs a long the way and the film also features Jerry Springer himself as the host, how cool is that? The reality TV style fits the film perfectly and the cast couldn't of been better. There are so many highlight moments in the film to even mention some of them would not do it justice because this is a must-see comedy. If you are looking for a a good time and something that breaks the Hollywood mold as far as comedies go then I highly recommend picking this one up. Original, funny and about as entertaining a comedy as you are going to see this year, they don't call them "little gems" for no reason and this is one of them. I also liked the twist tossed in at the end making "And The Winner Is..." a real winner when it comes to comedy. The DVD comes with Special Features that include:

Hal Sparks on Politics

"Winner" Faces

Making of "Winner"

Photo Gallery

Deleted Scenes

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Released by Anthem Pictures

**** Out Of *****