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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Regan Reese, Shane Ryan, Samantha Joy

Director: Ryan Shane

Genre: Horror/Exploitation

Year: 2009

Rating: NR

Brandon attacks one last time in this final installment of the AMATEUR PORN STAR KILLER Trilogy. Real-life Porn Star Regan Reese portrays an up-and-coming actress picked up off the streets by the young serial killer. What starts off as a good samaritan act quickly turns into a game of cat in mouse in the late night empty fields of a small town where the victim has nobody to turn to except the killer himself.

This is the final film in the serial killer trilogy from filmmaker Shane Ryan, I am sure a lot of you out there are glad to hear that since these films were very hard to watch but that was what this talented film maker was after, he wanted to shock the audience and leave you with something to think about and I would have to say they certainly leave you with a lot to ponder over. It is obvious by now these are not for everyone but for those that like exploitation cinema and are up for the challenge then I got to say you are in for an experience you might never forget. Besides the obvious nature of the film there is actual sex scenes in it as well and even though they might be crossing the line a bit I still felt they fit in to the whole idea of the film and it's take no prisoners approach. One think about this film compared to other audience-friendly films like say "Saw" is that this film contains no blood whatsoever but it really doesn't need to because with the way it is filmed and the job the actors do in the film it is scary enough in it's realism. Like I said before this trilogy is not for everyone, in fact most people are going to find this way too offensive and disturbing but for that small group of people that like the genre and have the stomach to handle it then these are a treat for the senses. I would have to say this one is the best of the series and a great send off too and these have been some of the best exploitation films ever made. Like always I am looking forward to future work from Mr. Ryan.

Released by Cinema Epoch

***** Out Of *****