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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Kai Lanette, Shane Ryan

Director: Shane Ryan

Genre: Horror/Thriller

Year: 2008

Rating: Unrated

Here is the sequel to Shane Ryan's disturbing snuff film that got under a lot of people's skin the first time around, this time the killer is no longer preying on a helpless girl but instead he chooses a woman that for lack of better words, "Likes it rough" and this one will not go down without a fight. As we have learned from Hollywood making a sequel to any film can be risky because for the most part they just can't seem to capture the same feel or generate the same effect but they are not Mr. Ryan either.

Shane takes the basic story from the first one and adds to it to create an even more disturbing film this time around, the film itself is made much better than the first as well but I kind of expected that since they already had one in their pocket and could use it to build off of and make the sequel better by doing things a little different. There's two version of the film on this two-disc set one being the "movie" version and the other is the "snuff" version, I take it if you liked the first film and are interested in the second one I recommend watching the snuff version as it's much more graphic and disturbing if that is even possible. I was a little concerned at first this was going to be too much like the first film but I was totally wrong in assuming that, sure the basic story is there but there is also new ideas added like the killers mind set and or course an older, much different woman than the first time around. I really enjoy an Independent director that isn't afraid of what others think and makes a film the way he believes it should be made and in the best way possible to get his point across and Shane does it here again. If you seen the first film then I highly recommend checking this one out, you are at least prepared for what is to come but I still have to say be ready to be shocked and left thinking about our world and how anyone person could be so evil. I will call it a horror/thriller but it is just a disturbing film that is even better than the first film. If you own the first film I highly recommend adding this one, there is a third film as well but I do not have that one to review so I suppose it ends here for me but it was a rough yet entertaining ride to say the least. I look forward to new projects Shane might be working on, love him or hate him this man is a genius.

Released by Cinema Epoch

***** Out Of *****