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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Jessica Sonneborn, Michael McLafferty, Ryan Bittle, Paulie Rojas, Augie Duke, Casey Reinhardt, Sita Young, Eric McIntire

Director: Bill McAdams Jr.

Genre: Thriller

Year: 2010

Rating: NR

When several high school girls vanish, undercover cop Maggie (Jessica Sonneborn) investigates by posing as a new transfer student. But when she becomes one of the latest victims, Maggie prays that her boyfriend (Michael McLafferty) can find her and the other abductees before it's too late. If help doesn't come fast, the foxy female captives will be forced to beat each other to death in a brutal no-holds-barred slugfest.

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A Lure is a thriller that takes place at a high school where several girls have gone missing from and up till now there are no leads for the Police to go on so Maggie, a woman police officer goes in undercover as a student to try and figure out who is kidnapping these girls and why but before you know it her and a few of the other girls are taken as well and you soon find out that the girls are being used in an illegal underground fight competition. As far as story goes there isn't much originality here but for what it is the film over-all does a pretty good job at entertaining. A little slow at the start as the the film sets up the story and introduces you to several of the characters that will be the main attraction as the film movies along. Once the girls get kidnapped the film kicks in as they must do their best to escape or face a life or death decision fighting in a sport where there are no rules. The fight scenes are well done and the film moves at a good pace bringing with it some nice suspense as well. No actor in the film really steals the spotlight here, the entire cast did a great job at playing their roles so I would say it is more an ensemble piece where everyone worked well together. If you like thrillers or films that have fighting in them then I you are sure to enjoy this one. The film has some interesting characters and enough high octane action to please any fan plus I was really impressed with the cast and look forward to see each of them in future films.

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Director, Bill McAdams Jr. did a great job considering this is his feature film debut behind the camera. He seems to have a good eye for action and he did a great job at telling the story while keeping the film lively and the tension high. I had a good time watching this and was entertained from the beginning all the way till the credits began to roll. The DVD comes with Special Features that include:

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Released by Osiris Entertainment

*** 1/2 Out Of *****