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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Chris Jericho, Tammin Sursok, Duane Whitaker, Sunkrish Bala, Richard Christy, Alicia Lagano

Director: Joe Anderson,Sean McEwen

Genre: Horror

Year: 2009

Rating: R

Decades of religious fanaticism in an Ozark Mountain town have produced an in-bred community of albino misfits who have become the stuff of legend in surrounding areas. Now, four college pals are trapped there when their research trip goes awry. Stuck in a land of pigment-impaired predators, the group struggles for survival.

I imagine part of the draw here for the film-makers is having WWE wrestling star, Chris Jericho not only in the film but also displayed right there on the poster. There is nothing wrong with having a wrestler in a movie, after all acting is part of their job. That being said if you are going to pick this up because Jericho is in the film then you might end up a little disappointed as he really isn't in it all that much. The film is about a group of college friends who travel to try and uncover the the legend of the Albino Farm. The rest is pretty straight forward as far as this kind of horror film goes, think "Texas Chainsaw" or "Hills have Eyes" and you got the idea of this one. There is nothing new or ground-breaking here but anymore there rarely is so going into this I pretty much knew what I was getting. The acting in the film was pretty good considering the the low-budget, I thought the four young actors all did a fine job playing their characters considering their is not much depth to them and the dialogue is nothing special either. But like I said it is what I expected going into it and when you pick up a movie like this your not looking for the next "Citizen Kane". So the film I thought delivered on what it promised, it does start off a bit slow but once things get going there is plenty of suspense and gore to please any fan. The one part of the film I was most impressed with was the freaks, the make-up work I thought was very well done and they were a pretty original bunch to say the least. I also enjoyed the ending but as it certainly wasn't what I expected to happen which I think is a good here and it does leave the film open in case they want to do a sequel. I guess the biggest problem I had with Albino Farm was that Chris Jericho was really not in the movie enough, I figured going off the art-work that he was going to be the main attraction here but you can't judge a book by it's cover now can you? If you liked the movies I mentioned before then I see no reason why you shouldn't enjoy this one, it does have a good amount of gore and some original villains and to be honest I am not sure you could really ask for anything more. Any horror buff is going to want to pick this up to have a look, it is a fun way to past some time.

Released by MTI Home Video. *** Out Of *****