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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Rose Byrne, Hugh Dancy, Amy Irving, Peter Gallagher, Mark Linn-Baker, Frankie R. Faison

Director: Max Mayer

Genre: Drama/Comedy Romance

Year: 2009

Rating: PG-13

When beautiful teacher Beth (Rose Byrne) moves into a nearby apartment, strangely awkward Adam (Hugh Dancy), who suffers from Asperger's syndrome, breaks through his limited social abilities and flirts with the young woman in this moving romance. Beth responds to Adam's unusual courtship, and as they overcome the obstacles to intimacy, they learn how to face life's other challenges.

Asperger's syndrome must be a terrible thing to deal with and it seems like it would make your world confusing and scary. I am no expert on Aspergers but reading a little about it I found out that Director, Max Mayer did a terrific job presenting it with respect. Max did a great job creating a romance/comedy that never gets depressing or unbelievable in any way. I liked the film because the director went against the normal ways of making such a film and created a realistic, funny and touching film that was constantly entertaining. With a solid story in place the only other thing you did is a cast that can deliver it and I don't think they could of picked a better one. Hugh Dancy gives the performance of his career here bringing all the right emotions needed to play Adam. The rest of the cast were also terrific including, Rose Byrne who plays the woman who takes a liking to Adam and the always great Amy Irving who has a small role as Beth's mom. This is not a Cinderella story instead it is a realistic look at life and fining love with someone that has such a hard time knowing what others are thinking or feeling. I really enjoyed this film for many reasons, one being it opened my eyes to Asperger's syndrome and what those that have it must deal with everyday of their lives but I also found the film to be tender, sad and sometimes funny which really kept the story from becoming a real downer. Adam kept me engaged and hoping that these two very different people would end up together and in the end I wasn't really sad instead I felt hope and even some inspiration. This is a romance mixed with just the right amount of drama and humor to make any fan of the genre happy but at the same time it shows a realistic look into Adam's life no other film like it has been able to do. I was taken in and captivated by the story right from the start and I thing anyone that decides to pick this up will find this to be a rare Indie gem and one worth owning plus I hope to creates more awareness about Asperger's syndrome as well. The DVD is available to rent now and will be out to own on Feb.2nd, I highly recommend adding this to your collection. The DVD comes with Bonus Features that include:

Deleted and Alternate Scenes

Creating Adam Behind the Scenes

Audio Commentary with Director/Writer Max Mayer and Producer Leslie Urdang

FOX Movie Channel Presents Life After Film School with Rose Byrne

Released by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

***** Out Of *****