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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Tony Rugnetta, Roberto Lombardi, Christy Callas, Gerry Kirschbaum, Deana Demko

Director: John Orrichio

Genre: Thriller/Drama

Year: 2009

Rating: NR

The town of process is located somewhere in rural New Jersey, although it doesn't show up on any modern map. It's a nice place to visit unless you are a young, healthy, and beautiful woman. The town has a very lucrative underground and internet business specializing in selling organs for transplant, selling babies to loving couples who are barren, and young women into sex slavery. The town's patriarch, Jacob, is in control of everything. That is, until they kidnap the wrong girl, a popular Brazilian Hip Hop star. Complications arise when her friend and bodyguard, Donny, turns up in Process looking for her. GPS units, cell phones and other modern gadgets threaten the existence of the town itself. What will Jacob and his followers do? Who will survive?

The title, box-art and storyline tell it all so you either like this sort of movie or you don't, if you liked these sort of sleaze films from the 70's then you are going to find this one entertaining if you are easily offended by gore and rape then I suggest you move on and look for something a little tamer. For those that like a movie like this it does have everything you want from beautiful women to gore and some good suspense as well. The story is basic so no need to tell you anything more as most of what you need to know is written above. Abduction isn't a horror film in fact to me there is nothing scary about the movie but it is very disturbing. This is a thriller/drama with some camp tossed in to lighten the mood a little from time to time. The whole idea that this little remote New Jersey town is all for the idea of kidnapping women and selling them into slavery, they have their organs removed or are impregnated so that the babies can be sold on the black market is beyond creepy and the film's cinematography and lightning to a terrific job at setting just the right atmosphere. The acting was all good throughout the cast and there is a few nice twists and turns along the way to keep you interested. Certainly not for everyone but if you take it for what it is then you got yourself a potent thriller that manages to shock and disturb which is exactly what the filmmakers wanted here and for that Abduction in my eyes is a successful,well-made film. The DVD comes with Secial Features that include:

Behind the Scenes Featurette

Cast Auditions

Music Video

The Girls of Abduction


Photo Montage

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Released by Released by R Squared Films

**** Out Of *****