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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Brittany Murphy, Dean Cain, Mimi Rogers

Director: Michael Feifer

Genre: Thriller

Year: 2010

Rating: PG-13

Mary Walsh delivers boyfriend Kevin to a hospital for routine outpatient surgery. But when Mary returns to take him home, he's mysteriously vanished. An administrator can find no record of him, and a police search turns up nothing. Increasingly frantic, Mary's taken to staff psychiatrist Dr. Bensley, who pronounces her unstable. Now she must not only find her missing boyfriend, but prove her own sanity as well. When a stranger informs her he knows Kevin's whereabouts and demands a $10 billion ransom, she has one hour to comply and her boyfriend's life hangs in the balance. Forced to embezzle the money from the bank where she works, Mary soon discovers the shocking truth behind the disappearance. Now time is running out and she must take matters into her own hands to save herself.

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Abandoned is a worthy thriller that does a great job creating suspense and keeping the mystery hidden till the very end. Your first thought when Mary's boyfriend goes missing and no one recalls him ever being at the hospital is that she is crazy, or maybe there's a deeper conspiracy going on within the hospital, as the film moves along you tend to be caught between those two scenarios but I am not going to give any of it away here and ruin it for those wanting to see the film. Abandoned is not only a solid thriller but it also is the last film credit for actress Brittany Murphy. A life taken way too soon, in her final role as Mary she does a terrific job playing the role, you can't decide if she is crazy or telling the truth, a very convincing performance. The rest of the cast including Dean Cain and Mimi Rogers all give good performances as well but the film belongs to Murphy and she doesn't disappoint. I am surprised the film never got a theatrical run of some sort, it is certainly better than most of the below average films in theaters now. Abandoned isn't a great film by any stretch, it contains scenes that make no sense and it also doesn't offer much in the way of new ideas but the execution is good and the pace of the film is brisk once it gets going. I enjoyed the film and thought it was a nice send-off for Murphy, you can tell by watching the film she was a talented actress and was the best actor in the film. If you like thrillers that keep you on the edge and guessing then Abandoned is sure to please, the film's ending was certainly something I never expected.

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I was hoping the DVD and Blu-ray came with lots of extras but they only contain the Trailer. You can order the DVD HERE and the Blu-ray HERE

Released by Anchor Bay Entertainment

*** 1/2 Out Of *****