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Genre: Children/Family/Animation

Year: 2010

Rating: G

It's the grand opening of Minnie's Bow-tique, a store jam-packed with every kind of bow and bowtie imaginable. The selections include: the "Glow-Bow", a bow that changes color with every mood; the "Grow-Bow", a bow that grows to tremendous size by just adding water; flying "Butterfly-Bows"; and a "Photo-Bow" that snaps instant pictures. Problems arise when Pete, embarrassed about buying a lady's bow for his favorite aunt, causes a few accidental mishaps in the new store. However, super salesperson Minnie finds the perfect bow for Pete. The Bow-tique's grand opening is a success - and it all ends in a Big Bow Show with the Clubhouse gang modeling the latest fashions under the biggest bow of all, a colorful, sky-high Rain-Bow.

This new release features four Minnie-themed stories including a never-before-seen episode and a fun Minnie magnet bow frame. Two episodes, ‘Minnie’s Pajama Party,’ and ‘Minnie’s Bee Story,’ include Disney’s Adventure Mode – an interactive game using the remote control with multiple play levels. What can you say about this release other then the little ones are going to fall in love with it and they certainly will be wanting to watch it over and over again. Kids of all ages love Mickey and his friends and they are sure to fall in love with this set of episodes available for the first time on DVD. Also one episode is never before seen, "Minnie’s Pajama Party" in which Minnie and her friends plan a sleepover but with Pete and Willie the Giant around things are not going to go that easy. This is a must-own for anyone that has little ones, girls are going to love spending time with Minnie and it is also a nice collection to sit down to and enjoy with your children as well.

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment

***** Out Of *****