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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Eduardo Santamarina, Gabriela Roel, Alexis Ayala, and Alejandra Barros

Director: Sergio Umanski

Genre: Comedy

Year: 2010

Rating: NR

To get out of a ticket, television writer Miguel (Mauricio Isaac) gives away a secret about his hit series to a police officer. But the boastful cop, Bracho (Dagoberto Gama), feels humiliated in front of his friends when he discovers the information is false -- and vows revenge. As Bracho's fury grows, so does his appetite for violence in this surreal Mexican comedy directed by Sergio Umansky.

You might easily mistaken this for a murder/revenge film from reading the synopsis above but this is anything but those two things. What you are really getting here is a surreal Mexican comedy, I have to admit I was waiting and waiting for some sort of violence to take place in the film since the police officer was very angry but the film never does take that turn and I am glad it didn't. There is so much to like here from the smartly written and often hilarious script to the well-rounded characters that you begin to either love or hate as the film movies along. Another thing I loved about the film was it's amazing visuals, I am not going to go into anymore details on them or the story for that matter simply because I think this is a rare film, one you rarely see and for you not to witness it for your self would be a crime. This is the second film from Mexico I have seen this week and I got to say both were excellent movies that provided a whole lot of fun. The DVD comes with the original Spanish language track and English subtitles but don't let that scare you off as this is a very funny film and the last 25 minutes are simply hysterical. A must-see for any fan of comedy and a film that is sure to can a following from on strong word of mouth

Released by Maya Home Entertainment.

**** Out Of *****