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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Pete Rose, J.K. Simmons, Marty Brennaman, Mike Schmidt, Tony Perez

Director: Terry Lukemire

Genre: Documentary | Biography | History | Sport

Year: 2010

Rating: NR

It happened on September 11, 1985, the place was Riverfront stadium in Cincinnati. Pete Rose came to the plate with a chance to become the only player ever to get 4192 hits. This film not only relives this amazing feat but it also shows highlights of his remarkable career.

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4192: The Crowning of the Hit King is a must for any baseball fan, even if Pete Rose was one of those players your hometown team played against there is no denying the man's drive and determination and his passion for the game. The film highlights his career with interviews with Pete himself as well as with teammates and other sports personalities. I grew up a Pittsburgh Pirates fan for obvious reasons so I was one of those guys that hated him simply because he was so good and he always as a pain to any opposing team. After watching this film I was really taken back by this man's demeanor when it came to being the best player he could possibly be. He wasn't born the most gifted baseball player to ever play the game but his hard work and drive for winning made him the best.

Watching this film took me back to when baseball was a great sport to watch. There just arenít those types of players anymore. Things have certainly changed but the memories I had a chance to relive while watching 4192 will have a lasting memory for me. Cincinnati and their "Big Red Machine" had one hell of a ball club but Pete was the heart and soul of the team.

He set the bar for everyone else, the examples he set by just never quitting on any play or any game for that matter had to of rubbed off on all his teammates. I can imagine his focus on being the best player he could be was something he used in his personal life as well, he was a driven, motivated man that I am sure gave inspiration to a lot of people. The film takes a look at his amazing career, not just the history making hit but his entire career, It covers Pete Rose's young years up to the time he broke Ty Cobb's record.

We all remember him running to first base on a walk or diving head first into the base and we certainly remember him mowing over unfortunate catchers who came between him and home plate, these things also drew some negative comments about his sportsmanship but when you look back at it all now you see that the man was just one of the most devoted players to ever put on a uniform. I said earlier this is a must for any fan of baseball but I take that back, this is a must for any sports fan period. There have been some very good films made about baseball over the years but none of them match up to this one.

I was glued to the screen the entire time and was not only over whelmed by the man's play but his over-all attitude as well, I was sad to see it end but I not only had a great time reliving the glory days as far as baseball goes in my life time but the film gave me even more respect for Pete Rose the ball player. I also thought it was fantastic that the Hall of Fame stuff was left out of the film, I am sure everyone has an opinion on all that but this is a film to celebrate the career of one of the best to ever play the game and that is exactly what it does. Today it is hard to justify buying many movies to add to your collection because most are really only worth a one time viewing but this is one I highly recommend buying. It is a film I plan on revisiting soon and getting my family to watch as well.

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I congratulate all involved in making this including Director, Terry Lukemire and writers Ryan Tungate and Mark R. Turner. As for Pete himself, all I can say is thanks for the memories, you might have given this Pirates fan headaches but after it was all said and done you stand among the best to ever have played the game. You can Pre-order the DVD now HERE.

Released by Rivercoast Films

***** Out Of *****