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Snicker Bunny

We didn't intend to bring you home. We weren't looking for you. Who knew you were meant to be in our lives when we went searching for a bunny to fill the void left in a another loved one's life by the passing of her darling Peanut? Who can foresee the love that happens instantaneously when open heart meets little chocolate brown lop-eared bunny? It just happens. And so it happened with you and your mommy/slave. We brought you and your brother, Niblet, home. Little black Niblet ably fulfilled his purpose of helping his new mommy reconcile her grief for Peanut, and you, dear Snickers, you filled a void no one was even aware of.

Your sweetness and lovable nature brought smiles to all who met you. You binkied and played with such happy exuberance, yet loved and snuggled with quiet, sincere affection. You took everything that came your way in stride, never staying upset, never holding a grudge. You gave so much and only asked for an apple chip now and then, a bite of yummy yogurt and lots of loving. We are grateful we were able to give you what you asked for. We are grateful you shared your life, short though it was, with us. You had to leave us way too soon, and we will forever feel that sorrow. But you leave sweet memories, and one day, the smiles you brought to us will return. Your beauty, inside and out, will always remain in our hearts.

Thank you, precious Snickers, for letting us love you. We miss you. Auntie M


Sleep peacefully, dear Snicker-doodle bunny,
My eyes look up to Heaven, a smile tugs at the corners of my mouth..."I will see you again, my friend..."



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